Commissioned Data Processing

The following commissioned data processing agreement defines the data privacy obligations of contracting partners. This agreement applies to all activities provided as related to order fulfilment which may expose LANSOL® employees or subcontractors assigned by LANSOL® to personal data of clients. Contractual obligations or other agreements are based on the LANSOL General Terms & Conditions of business.


§1  General

§1.1 LANSOL processes personal data on behalf of the CLIENT as instructed. This includes tasks defined by contractual agreements. In line with commissioned data processing the CLIENT is solely responsible for complying with the legal provisions of the data privacy laws, particularly the legality of releasing data to LANSOL®, as well as the legality of processing data (cf. §3 para. 7 Federal Data Protection Act).

§1.2 This CLIENT obligation may require data to be released or deleted during the term of this agreement or after completion of the contract.

§1.3 Data is solely handled in line with the agreements and as instructed by the CLIENT. In line with the order description the CLIENT reserves the blanket right to instruction on the type, extent and method of data processing, which may be further detailed in individual instructions. Modification of the object of processing …

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