Dedicated Hypervisor

  • Physical server with preinstalled hypervisor software
  • Dedicated brand-name hardware ensures maximum performance
  • Flexible and intuitive administration of virtual instances
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GDPR conform
GDPR conform
Server located in Germany
Server located in Germany
ISO 9001 certifiedISO 27001 certified
ISO certified

Dedicated servers with virtualisation

Our dedicated bare-metal servers with preinstalled hypervisor software are the optimal solution for comprehensive and complex IT projects. With a dedicated hypervisor you have maximum control and flexibility to implement customer requests and internal requirements intuitively.

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Individually configurable

Configure hardware, software and optional server features individually and precisely according to your ideas.

Full root access

You receive full access to the server hardware as well as the BIOS level via the integrated KVM console.

Guaranteed resources

Dedicated hardware components and guaranteed resources provide for maximum control, safety and performance.

Intuitive to manage

Administer and manage your dedicated hypervisor via the administration interface that can be operated intuitively

Maximum performance

High-performance brand hardware and infrastructure provide for lightening fast and reliable systems.

Quick connection

A quick and redundant connection guarantees low latency periods and response times as well as a high degree of availability.

Enterprise hypervisor with Proxmox virtualisation

Whether web server, container solutions or Windows server environments – our systems form the appropriate basis for your project. A hypervisor from LANSOL gives you your own dedicated server including full root access, a Proxmox-based virtualisation platform, and diverse backup and snapshot solutions. On request we can also provide a hyperconverged hypervisor-cluster, enabling easy administration with maximum performance and system stability.

Benefits of the hypervisor virtualisation architecture

LANSOL dedicated hypervisor systems offer a number of benefits and functions. You can e.g. consolidate multiple virtual systems in one central location to utilise existing resources efficiently and resource-conserving. You can further configure and intuitively manage your virtual machines via the secure web interface, control all user access in detail, or set up reliable data backups with just a few clicks. Do you have further questions? Feel free to Contact our Sales team!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A hypervisor, also referred to as Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM), is a software used to create and manage virtual machines (VMs). This allows any number of virtual servers to be run on a dedicated bare metal server, which then share the resources of the host system. The resources available to each server can be configured individually. The virtual servers are completely technically separate, but if desired can communicate via a shared network.

Both systems only provide you with the resources of the dedicated hardware server.

With a dedicated root server, you can install an operating system (e.g. Windows or Linux) which can use all server resources. In most cases, the server is then used for a specific purpose, e.g. as web server or terminal server.

With a dedicated hypervisor, you can install multiple virtual servers with different operating systems and applications, and split the resources of the host system among the virtual servers. You can also operate several of customers on a shared hypervisor, as the virtual servers are by default technically separate.

Yes, of course they can! We can provide you with a hyperconverged hypervisor cluster to enable maximum performance and system stability. Contact us, our hosting experts will gladly advise you on your project.

Generally, yes. We can upgrade or even reduce the hypervisor resources. If one system is no longer sufficient, we can provide additional systems running separate or in a cluster with the first.

Yes, the web interface is accessed using an SSL encrypted connection. All applications including the VM console are protected with this SSL connection at banking standard. You can further enable two-factor authentication and further restrict access via the firewall and user rights.

The servers are operated in the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified LANSOL data center in Germany.

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